Friday, 3 October 2014

Foodie Friday #1: Boston Tea Party

If you've read yesterday's post you will know that I am attempting to start a couple of new series on the blog. One being 'Monthly Favourites' which I started yesterday and the second being, check this for alliteration, 'Foodie Fridays'. This will be a mix of things such as restaurant reviews, food blog recommendations and recipes.

Having received this cup on campus the other day I thought it was finally time to visit Boston Tea Party. I have heard so many rave reviews about the place from my friends but have never taken the opportunity to go, and have always stuck to places in more central Birmingham for lunch and dinner. Now, I realise a lot of Southerners, Bristolians in particular, will probably have been to this chain of restaurants many a time so won't benefit at all from a review but for those less fortunate I thought I would do a little summary of my experience. 

When myself and two of my best friends, Steph and Alex, walked through the front door this was the glorious sight that welcomed us. Cakes, bakes and pastries that all looked and smelled delicious. We resisted the urge to buy one straight then and there and picked up a menu before we went on a search for some seats.

This mission was actually harder than it sounds; the place was rammed! We managed to find a seat perched on the end of somebody else's table, but after perusing the menu for a while we saw that another table had been vacated so we moved there instead. This happened twice more until we found ourselves the perfect position in a booth in front of a huge window looking onto the Magistrates Court. 

Having umm-ed and ahh-ed over what to order for a good twenty minutes, we eventually returned to the bar to place our order and grab some drinks. 

Steph treated herself to a white chocolate milkshake, which she assured me was delicious. 

Meanwhile myself and Alex went for some drinks out of the chiller. Alex had a diet coke whilst I tried out an Alibi Health Drink in Pomegranate. I really enjoy trying out new soft drinks with supposed health benefits and while this drink was nice, it hasn't beaten my all time favourite 'healthy' soft drink of Purdey's Rejuvenate (which, by the way, was also in the chiller!).

We sipped on our drinks and had a good old chatter whilst waiting for our food. The wait wasn't very long at all, but with all of us having skipped breakfast, when the food arrived we were all more than ready to devour it. 

I opted for the House Salad which contained loads of my favourite foods including sun-dried tomatoes, olives and feta. It was seriously delicious and the ingredient that topped it off was the addition of red rice. I'd never eaten red rice before, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure I'd even heard of it, but it definitely made the meal more complete and was probably the component that filled me up the most. 

Alex went for the 'Pulled Jerk Chicken Bun' with chorizo. The presentation was gorgeous, as, I've been told, were the chips. Unfortunately, Alex thought that the burger itself was no better than the ones we get at the student pubs near by so maybe if you visit BTP don't opt for the burger if you're after something truly amazing.

Steph, having visited BTP before, knew exactly what she was going to order before we even sat down. Having tasted some of her boyfriends 'Get Your Goat, You've Pulled' toastie the last time she was here, she was not going to pass up the opportunity to have a whole one to herself this time. It contains goats cheese and thyme & onion marmalade which, although not evenly distributed between both halves of the sandwich, was just what she was after. 
Even though we were totally stuffed, we were still able to pick up our free hot drinks from the cups we were given on campus on our way out. We opted for chai tea lattes, and I have to say they were even better than the Starbucks version! They were very creamy with just enough spice to make them into real winter warmers. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Boston Tea Party. The decor was very industrial, which I am a fan of, and the atmosphere was great. It is a place which business men, teenagers, 'ladies who lunch' and students can all enjoy to equal amounts and I would definitely recommend it. After all, how can you go wrong with a place that serves breakfast all day long?!

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