Thursday, 23 October 2014

October Wishlist

Quick post today, showing you some of the things I'm lusting after this month incase any of you are after something similar! 

Numero Uno is this split back sequin cropped t-shirt from Topshop. Over the summer I saw a couple of SunBeamsJess' videos where she was wearing the blue/green version of this top and I was desperate to buy one for myself. Unfortunately, as is my luck, they had already stopped selling them/sold out by the time I found out about this beaudiful top but, whilst doing my daily browse of Topshops new-in section the other day, I saw they have rereleased it in this gorgeous iridescent purple/pink colour *swoon*. Its's only available in petite, but as it is cropped already I don't feel like that should be too much of an issue.  

Number Two is this stunning ring from Stella & Dot. I mentioned Stella & Dot in my outfit post the other day, and seen as I was on their website anyway, I thought I might as well have a bit of a browse. I'm desperately after a few good quality rings as most of mine seem to turn brassy within about three wears. I love the simplicity of this ring, and am massively into silver jewellery at the moment so it is the perfect ring for me!

Number Three has been sitting in my ASOS saved list for a good two weeks now. It looks like the perfect jumper dress to snuggle up in in the winter months and I think alpaca wool is supposed to be super soft (I might have to buy it just to check that this is the case). This jumper is a perfect every day item as it can be worn by itself, over jeans, over leggings...the list goes on. 

Item Number Four is this gorgeous pair of loafers from Topshop. I have been after a pair of loafers for a while now but can't seem to find a perfect pair. Really I was after black, but this tan pair look pretty darn good from where I'm sitting so I suppose they will have to do! The fact that they are leather is a definite bonus as it means they should last throughout most of the winter months (although my feet might get a bit chilly). 

Number Five is this practical coat from ASOS (...duh). I love the shape, it's masculine without being too oversized and, obviously, black is the perfect colour for any coat. I do find ASOS coats to be a bit hit-and-miss though, so if I do end up buying it I will make sure to keep you up to date as to whether it really is as good as it looks. 

Finally, Number Six. In my opinion desert boots are the best kind of boots. Ok, so the type of material they are made out of (suede-esque) doesn't make them the most suitable for rain and snow but they are just so comfortable. I currently own a pair of Heeled Desert Boots, which I cannot rave about enough and have owned for 2 years now and they are still in great condition, but I think really, if I am being sensible..., I need a pair of flat ones too for the more casual days. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I have given you some inspiration for some things you can convince yourself that you NEED this Autumn. 

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