Sunday, 12 October 2014

Off Duty Models

Playsuit - River Island, Desert Boots - Office, Leather Jacket - All Saints
With my best friends visiting me in Birmingham for a weekend of belated birthday celebrations I thought it'd be a good time to grab a few outfit photos before heading out for dinner and a couple of cocktails. Having one of my friends taking the photos, and 2 of them standing and watching, this didn't actually turn out too well. I felt super awkward and the pictures just weren't turning out fantastically (as you can probably tell by the above picture).

So, we then decided that we would all try our hands at being "models" (definitely take this with a pinch of salt). If Burberry or Prada are reading this (highly unlikely), I think we may have the models for your next advertising campaign sorted. Just drop me an email whenever, and if the wage is good enough we may just about be available. 


Catharine borrowed my Topshop Skater Dress which is actually no longer in stock, but Primark do similar versions and teamed it with her New Look Heeled Boots. Zoe wore an Urban Outfitters Shirt and some Topshop Leggings. She didn't actually want her feet in the picture as she was about to change into boots but in this photo she is wearing Nike Free Runs and having owned the purple version of this trainer for ages I can't vouch enough for how comfortable they are! 

Emma then joined the model clan (can you spot the similarities?!) and threw on a jacket from H&M (similar here) over her Topshop Jeans. I absolutely love Em's boots which, I can't actually believe, are from Primark! Two other friends were also visiting but Amelia was still getting ready and Hannah was behind the camera, but here they are in a group photo taken on my Fujifilm Instax Wide

Bit of a different post today but, I hope, still enjoyable! As a little treat for reading this post all the way to the end, here is one more model-icious photo of Zoe and Catharine. You lucky people!

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