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Blogs I 'm Loving Right Now

Hi guys! So today is a post (as you can probably tell from the title) all about blogs I am loving to read at the moment. It is a very wordy post - so sorry if you don't like reading! But if you are after some blogspiration, then take a look!

Fashion and Lifestyle
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The Londoner
So, lets start with the Queen of lifestyle blogging, Rosie (aka The Londoner) has it all going on. If anybody is going to give you life envy it's her with her amazing clothes, out-of-this-world holidays and mouth-watering restaurant reviews. If you haven't already read her blog, which I am sure most of you have, then you need to! My housemate, Jess, introduced me to the Londoner last year and I haven't looked back since. She updates her blog almost daily and they are never a disappointment. They have a lot of photo content, so if you are into photography then that is another reason to check her out. Some of my favourite recent posts of hers include her Winter Wear post in which she showcases 10 different outfit ideas for the Winter months (the 5th is my favourite) and her Winter Whites post (how she manages to keep her whites looking so pristine in groggy England, I will never know).

Beauty Crush
Sammi Maria (who most people will know from her YouTube channel) is a babe and a half. Her style is to die for and she is just so likeable. She doesn't update her blog as often as The Londoner, but her posts are worth the wait. She's a big fan of bare legs in Winter, which I always find hard to pull off (without freezing) but she manages it with style and sophistication. She lives in London, and so also has many great restaurant reviews on her blog (mainly burger joints, which is great). She's introduced me to great brands such as The Great Frog London and is a huge fan of Urban Outfitters. Her style is a bit grungier and more relaxed than the Londoner's, so reading both their blogs gives you different inspiration for different events.

Sincerely Jules
Another big name on the blogging scene is Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules. I believe she is American (correct me if I am wrong) but she is often travelling around the world. Her style defined in one word would be: laid-back. She always looks perfectly undone, with denim often being a big feature in her outfits along with her sunglasses. Her blog is pretty much all about her personal style, which is definitely no complaint. She provides the most inspiration for summer dressing (as she always seems to be somewhere hot) so is perhaps a better read in the spring and summer but I like to read her blog all year round. One of her most recent posts, Sparkle, is a favourite of mine. How does she look so casual with that many sequins on? Mind blown.

Beauty Bloggers
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Vivianna Does Makeup
Ok, so I have to admit I am not a big reader of beauty blogs and if I am after some inspiration I will usually search for a tutorial on YouTube. However, when I am after a bit of beauty advice, Vivianna's blog is one I immediately click on. She's a lovely girl, very down to earth, and her blog posts are always very original. Her Essentials Guide is very useful as are her reviews. She is a very comedic writer, and doesn't take anything too seriously. She has started branching out from just make-up posts as well, with posts on fitness and food making a nice change. Must Read.

Make-Up Savvy
This blog is a new one on my bloglovin' account and I have to say that I love it. Fee, the writer, focuses mainly on bargain beauty products and reviews, and her recent Tesco Beauty Haul was a great read. Just clicking on to her site today, I can assure you her latest post 'The Never Ending Gift Guide' is great for those looking for some Christmas inspiration.

Foodie Blogs
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When it comes to food blogs I am particularly interested in healthy/clean eating. Ella's blog is a haven for easy clean recipes which taste delicious. She is from the UK which is useful as it means her ingredients are usually readily available (many of the other clean eating blogs are American and heavily feature ingredients which are tricky to come by in England). She has also started doing some YouTube videos so you can watch how easy her recipes are. My favourite recipe of hers that I have attempted is her Cinnamon Pecan Granola which I talk about here. For those of you looking to live a healthier lifestyle, her blog is definitely one to check out.

Clean Simple Eats
This blog is one that I have tried many recipes from and is actually run by my friend Zoe (not that I am biased). When she moved to Canada last year she became inspired to start living a cleaner lifestyle and has since become a real advocate for healthy living. Her style of writing is really personable, and her photos are always great. Her recipes are easy to follow and taste absolutely amazing. Her must try recipe:Chocolate Truffles. They are divine!

Logo from YouTube
I have been watching Hannah's vlogs since she was pregnant. Now she has a little son Grayson (or baby G as he is affectionately known) and her weekly vlogs with her husband Stefan are incredible. The time and effort that goes into filming, editing and selecting music for these little video diaries is astounding. The Michalak's (Hannah's married name) videos, in my opinion, are some of the best on YouTube. As well as taking a sneak peak into their family life, it is great to watch as each week the vlogs get better and better as their camera skills improve (and their camera collection grows). It also refreshing to watch how their life doesn't always go to plan - they show both the ups and downs of family life which makes their vlogs much more relatable. 

Sun Beams Jess
Jess is definitely one of my favourite YouTubers. As a fellow student, and at a similar age to myself, I feel as though I can easily relate to her. Her Vlogtober series (over on Extra Sun Beams Jess) has got me eagerly anticipating her Vlogmas series (vlogging every day in December until Christmas for those of you who don't know). Her Lookbook videos are incredible as well. They are expertly filmed and edited and I am lusting after every item of clothing she wears in them. I cannot recommend her channel enough. 

I hope this post was interesting for at least some of you, and provided you with some good procrastination material for when you need to do that next big essay! 
Speak soon! 

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