Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Markets

The most wonderful time of the year! The Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham is jam packed with over 180 stalls (most of which sell beer, Gluhwein aka mulled wine or Bratwurst (German hot dogs)) and is the largest outdoor Christmas market in Britain. 

On a cold Wednesday evening, myself and my boyfriend decided to head into town for a night of festivities. I donned my sparkly leggings (which do NOT photograph well) and wrapped up super warm. As soon as we got to the centre of town we headed straight for a bar and grabbed ourselves some German drinks. 

Nothing like a hot, mulled wine to warm your heart and hands. The drinks always turn out to be pretty pricey because you have to put a deposit down for the glasses as well, but a trip to the markets just isn't the same without one. 

As far as clothes go, I was wearing my New York Yankees beanie (similar here
 and here) which my brother got me for Christmas last year, as well as my huge and ridiculously warm Alpha Industries parka (similar here, and I love this bomber from them as well).  

The best looking stalls are always the sweetie stalls. Loads of candy canes, pick n mix and other sugary treats all served with a jolly smile. (I bet that guys photo is a lot better than mine). 

Don't they just look like little elves? After scouring the stalls on the main stretch we headed towards the pavilion and started looking at the cuter, more local stalls. We made our way through the pavilion and popped out the other side to be greeted by a beautiful, lit up ferris wheel. We didn't take a ride on it but we did take a photo...priorities. 

By this time, the stalls were beginning to close so we started to head back towards the Town Hall square in order to return our cups and get our deposits back. 

Before we got back on the train we headed for another drink at a local Wetherspoon's. This, in hindsight, was a mistake as it involved picking a very drunk woman off the floor, asking who she was with, picking her back up when she fell again and helping her back inside... Oh the fun of Wetherspoon's! Then it was back to Selly Oak for a cosy night in watching the Walking Dead with my housemates. 

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