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Guest Post: Emily's Thanksgiving

Mixing things up a bit today with a guest post from my beautiful friend Emily. I think I might make guest posts a regular thing (if I can find enough people willing to write posts for 'bdazzles'! Let me know if you fancy it...). I love to read what other people have to say and love, even more, seeing their photos. Emily (instagram here if you want to be nosey) is one of my best buds, and I have to say, having read this post, I really think she should start a blog of her own (if she ever does I will be sure to let you all know!). This post is a little insight into her family thanksgiving, which is something I personally have never celebrated which makes it extra interesting for me and hopefully for you guys too! Without further ado, I hand over to Emily...

Thanksgiving is something we’ve done for 21 years now, the family tradition is as old as I am. My parents moved to the US in the 90s for 3 years and during that time my sister, Tessa, and I were born.  
We moved away and ended up back in England yonks ago so the ties we have to America are now tenuous. Other than a passport (and mum’s People magazine subscription), thanksgiving is pretty much the only remaining titbit of American-ness we kept around.

We keep it small, me, mum, dad and Tessa, plus my godmother and her husband – who have been to every one since the first. We’ve swayed slightly from the pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes that typify an American thanksgiving but other than that it’s your run-of-the-mill turkey plus a thousand vegetables thanksgiving dinner.

And obviously we dress to the nines!

Here’s dad – does exactly what it says on the tin. Head chef of the household, perhaps not dressed to the nines but he does try. I suppose he is the foodie aspect of this fashion and food blog... fashion is not his forte.

Champagne! It really does taste like the stars.

This is Tess, a decidedly more fashionable member of the family than dad. She’s wearing an Urban Outfitters dress (link here) and Vagabond shoes  (similar here). The back of the dress is really lovely, very elegant. The billowy shape of the dress suits Tess but also lends itself to eating obscene quantities of turkey (something I also took into account when selecting my own outfit). The Vagabonds are a style no longer on the shelves but similar ones are still available on their website!

This is my godmother – a very trendy London lady, and her husband. I don’t know exactly where her outfit components are from but Helen tends to shop at Cos, Uniqlo, Zara and the likes. A lot of chic black items of clothing make up her wardrobe.

Here, mum and Helen are trying to embody what they’ve seen on the pages of People magazines, the sort of awkward leg tilt that is supposed to make your legs look thinner in photos. I think to varying degrees of success (see my own (botched) attempt below). Mum is also wearing a lot of black – in fact we all were. Her dress is from Hobbs, an old collection but a classic nonetheless. Hobbs tends to stick to a similar cut for lots of their dresses and there are a few similar ones to mum’s in the current collection e.g. this one

My own outfit (and botched awkward leg tilt)! Like my sister's, the dress is from Urban Outfitters. I should have taken a photo of the neckline because that's what really makes the dress, but ASOS (link to dress here) have a more adequate selection of photos to peruse. The shoes are Bebo, a Vagabond copy, and a shoddy one at that (they have already broken!)

Dad's proud creation!

Dinner is served! It’s funny how much time and effort goes into a meal that is essentially scoffed in half an hour. It was delicious! Thanksgiving for us is almost an extra Christmas dinner, there is nothing not to love about that notion.

Dessert was such a treat. Pumpkin pie is lovely, but Chocolate Walnut cake is lovelier. The lighting isn’t great but it’s served here with raspberries and vanilla ice-cream. The recipe (here) is one we have used for several years, by River Cafe. It’s reasonably easy to make, but is a bit of a heart attack to eat. It is truly scrumptious so it’s very easy to ignore the calorie count.

So that is thanksgiving – done our way! I can’t see us stopping the tradition any time soon, it’s a perfect excuse to get together and eat a ton of delicious food. More than worth the effort involved!

Thanks for reading! And thank you Beth for letting me feature on your marvellous blog!
Em xxxo

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