Saturday, 8 November 2014

High Street Picks #1: PJs

Contrary to what I try and portray on this blog, I spend most of my time in pyjamas, slippers and occasionally a dressing gown. I'm sure my friends and family can vouch for me on this, but as soon as I get home it is shoes off, jeans off, bra off (does anybody really wear a bra in the house?!), pyjamas on and slippers on. Perfection. So, I thought, to be more honest to myself and to you, I would do a post on some of the best PJs I have seen on the high street recently. If there's one time of year that you need to be able to cuddle up and get cosy, it's winter, so pay attention!

Oysho, where Pyjamas Number One are from, is one of my favourite loungewear brands. They are not well known in Britain, and my first experience of the shop was on a Christmas trip to Strasbourg, but they are fabulous. They have the cutest patterns on their pyjama sets and the fabric is pretty good. I bought a pair of bottoms (these babies) from there when I visited the Strasbourg store and they are without a doubt my most worn pair of comfy bottoms. Little word of warning though - the sizes do come up quite small and it's always better to have slightly larger comfy clothes than pyjamas that are too small. 

Number Two are actually a new addition to my own pyjama collection. These badboys have mini cartoons of Rudolph on (close up here) and are from the men's section of Next. I often find that men's pyjama bottoms are more comfortable than women's. It is probably due to the oversized fit but they are just the definition of cosy. Also, I am already feeling the Christmas spirit (it's November 7th, is this acceptable?) and I feel like these will be the perfect trousers to lounge around in whilst munching on mince pies and watching the Grinch. 

I'm not usually a big fan of short pyjamas, but Number Three are just too cute. I love a good check pattern and, whilst I'm on the festive theme, the red colour is also adding to my Christmas feeling. These pyjamas are 100% cotton so are sure to be super comfortable, and paired with some ridiculously fluffy socks (maybe even thigh high if you want guaranteed warmth) then this sweet, little set would be a guaranteed success.  

Who doesn't want to lounge around in the same clothes as Rosie Huntingdon Whitely? I certainly do. Thats why Number Four is a winner. Rosie has a whole collection for M&S (see here) which consists of lots of silkie and floral goodies. Now, I'm not totally sure that satin pyjamas would satisfy my need of cosiness but for when you want to be a bit slinkier, or more sophisticated, this set would be perfect. 

For the fashionistas out there, you can now buy PYJAMA CULOTTES!!?! Number Five are the proof, and to tell you the truth, I am tempted. The shorter length would make sure you don't over heat and, paired with a simple vest, you could answer the door in your PJs and still look stylish. I actually reckon you could leave the house and go to the super market and nobody would even think you were in your pyjamas. 

Number Six is another pair of mens pyjamas. I am not totally convinced that these count as 'high street' but hey ho! Whatcha gonna do?! Can you really beat a pair of Ralph Lauren 'Pajama Pants'? No, I think not. Case closed. 

Finally, can you really wear pyjamas without slippers? Number Six are inspired by my Mum's purchase yesterday. And when I say inspired, I mean copied. She bought these yesterday as her old slippers were wearing thin, and I can guarantee they are as soft as they look. Now they are quite pricey, but at the same time they are a nice intermediate between the Primark copies and the Ugg versions. 

Having read this post, you should all be prepared a cosy, winter night in! 

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