Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Too Cold Outside

Dungarees - ASOS, Tshirt - Zara

Ok, so a bit of a weird setting today as myself and my personal photographer (aka my boyfriend) decided it was far too cold to go outside and take photographs so we tried to make my university bedroom work as a reasonable didn't. But hey ho! These shots are what we've ended up with so we will have to make them work (I promise my room is tidier than it looks here). 

These babies have been going in and out of stock on ASOS for ages now (since September I think), and I have never been able to catch them when they've been in stock. However, my mum clearly has her eye firmly on the ball as, to my surprise and glee, she ordered them for me the other day! As soon as she ordered them I went back on ASOS and saw they were already out of stock again so it must have been fate! (...although having just gone to get the link for them they are in stock RIGHT NOW! So zoom on over to ASOS to grab a pair.)

They are without a doubt the most comfortable thing (aside from PJs) that I have ever worn and make me feel like I am on the set of The Good Life (anybody else remember that show? British classic). I think I will probably get the most wear out of these in the summer, however they can definitely work for winter too. With a pair of Converse and a jumper slipped on underneath you are set to go. 

Still very bogged down with work and everything so once again I am sorry these blog posts have gone from three or four a week down to one or two :( Hopefully over the Christmas holidays I should be more on the ball again. Is everybody excited for Christmas? Just over a month to go!

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