Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Secret Santa

It's a bit of an annual tradition with my university friends to do a Secret Santa before we break up for Christmas. This year, although we were all incredibly busy, we were not going to let the tradition slip. This post is going to be all about our little festive evening, and it's pretty photo heavy so grab yourself a cuppa!  

We didn't have time for a proper Christmas dinner so we settled on a few of our favourite Christmassy treats, including mince pies, chocolates and crisps (not sure if they count as 'Christmassy', but crisps are good all year round in my book). 

Roses or Quality Street? Personally I'm a Cadbury's heroes kinda gal but I'm not going to pass on either of these. 

Our guests started arriving whilst I was still compiling a Christmas playlist. Who knew that NSYNC had such good Christmas tunes?! My personal favourite song around Christmas is 'Santa Baby', the Kylie version, with Mariah Careys 'All I Want For Christmas' coming a close second. 

Boring outfit, but my jumper is from Primark, as are the fetching slippers and the jeans are these babies from Topshop.

As well as bringing herself and her gift along to Secret Santa, Emily (guest post here) also brought some homemade mince pies. Always much better than the shop bought versions, they went down an absolute treat! They were still warm from the oven which made them extra special. 

Before we could properly tuck into the food though, we had to sort the drink. Mulled wine and mulled cider are an absolute must around this time of year. Not only do they taste amazing, and warm you up, but they fill the house with a cinnamon-y, spicy aroma which adds to the festive atmosphere. 

Having had a bit of a catch up, and with the Christmas Slideshow (we found this corker on YouTube) in full swing we decided it was time for some present opening. On arrival to our humble abode, our friends all went into the present wrapping grotto (aka Jen's bedroom) and wrapped their presents in matching wrapping paper so we wouldn't be able to tell who got who. 

Opening presents in front of a crowd is always a bit daunting (what if I don't like it?! How should I react?!) but luckily all of the presents were a hit. With a £5 limit and a silly theme, you couldn't really go wrong. Owen was very happy with his harmonica and 'Understand Rap' book...I guess we all have some harmonic R'n'B tracks to look forward to in the near future. 

My Secret Santa gift (bought by Emily) was this pair of very cute doggy socks and a One Direction chocolate bar. I'm not sure if I have mentioned my love of One Direction on this blog before, but it is very much a known thing with my friends. I can't wait to wear these socks or tuck into the chocolate - thanks Em!!

Next up it was time for the Award's ceremony. Robyn (photographed here in her brand new Secret Santa tshirt) and George had spent the majority of the day coming up with awards for each group member, making certificates and wrapping little gifts. 

As you can see everybody was very happy with their awards and certificates. I won't list all of the awards as many of them are 'you-had-to-be-there' type awards, but I am rather proud of mine - ASOS's Best Customer 2014. I would like to thank ASOS, their Premier account and my overdraft for this award. 

After the awards ceremony, everybody was getting a little weary so we finished off the night with a classic festive game of: Buzzfeed quizzes (no? just us?). The 'Which Love Actually Character Are You?' is our favourite, it is very in-depth so is extremely accurate (as, of course, most of these quizzes are...) 

With everybody happily sleepy, with full tummies and a couple of gifts to take away, our guests departed. Thanks for a great evening fellas - same again next year?!

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