Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunday Brunch

 Coat - ASOS (similar here), Scarf - ASOS, Jeans - Topshop, Boots - Topshop (similar here - I really want these in this colour), Top (which you can't really see) - ASOS

There's no better way to spend a Sunday than sitting in an airy cafĂ©, catching up on recent goings-on and eating delicious breakfast food. So that is how we spent our second day in London. We wandered/hobbled (Owen has injured himself...) towards Sloane Square where we met my mum and then walked together to Daylesford.

Once seated, we browsed the menu and ordered. Unfortunately, they didn't have any juices left which was a bit of a disappointment, on what I would've thought was their busiest day of the week, but nevertheless the food was good. 

I opted for the chia, goji berry and flaxseed Bircher with natural yoghurt and stewed fruits (although, I think they may have given me the raw chocolate and chia seed pudding...). It was nice but I wasn't really a fan of the texture - it was very frogspawn-like so I am not sure I will be having that again. Owen chose the Eggs Benedict (his favourite breakfast meal) whilst mum went for the scrambled eggs on toast with streaky bacon. Both looked delicious. One of my main problems when it comes to brunch is that I am not the biggest fan of eggs...I think I need to force myself to like them more!

After our brunch we headed to the Saatchi gallery. I had never been before, but had been eager to visit. I am not the most arty person around and so occasionally (/frequently) I do get the 'I could have done this myself' vibe when viewing modern art but I suppose the reply to that would be ' haven't' which is completely fair enough. I did still find the exhibitions interesting mind you, there were a few very, um, unusual pieces to say the least. 

Having marched through several floors of modern art, Owen's foot was killing him so we had a little rest outside which is where I captured this photo of him and my mum. I actually really like this photo,  it could be the cover of an album, no? Mum ensured me that she had not bought herself a new coat...however, having done some  'research' on ASOS I have found a surprisingly similar one in stock here. It's lovely!

Anyway after all this chinwagging I have failed to mention the 'personal style' aspect of this post. Theres not much to say really other than that it was just a casual sundee outfit. I have linked all items above. As I have said previously, I really don't get enough wear out of these boots considering how much I like them and this scarf has been my go-to ever since I bought it. It served as a great blanket for the chilly National Express coach ride home as well! 

Have any of you visited the Saatchi gallery or know of any other good art galleries? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. LOVE your scarf & I wish I went to more art galleries they seem really interesting x

    1. Thank you I love it too! Yeah they are really interesting, I need to visit more too! x

  2. Loving the camel and scarf combo, esp that scarf!

    1. It's so cosy and ASOS have loads of other designs in the same style xx

  3. In love with this entire outfit!!! Especially the scarf!