Friday, 27 March 2015

Foodie Friday #6: Defying Gravity Cake

As you can probably tell from the poorly positioned photograph, I wasn't actually planning on blogging this cake. BUT after spending hours and hours trying to work out how to successfully make it (with every recipe I tried to use lying to me about how 'easy' it was) I thought I would be helping the general population by giving you an actual fool-proof method for making this *gravity defying* cake. 

Flos, my wonderful, beautiful friend, is usually the baker in our clan which poses quite the conundrum when her birthday comes around. Kind of unfair of her to actually have a birthday if you ask me...who is supposed to make a cake that will match up to the amazing creations she bakes?! Happy Birthday nonetheless you amazing girl! 

Anyway, this year I decided I would give it a go. Having scoured Pinterest I came across several pins showing recipes for antigravity cakes...all of them were lies. "The sweets just stick to the stick with a bit of melted chocolate" they said...likely story. So here is my fool proof kind-of method for making one of these bad boys. 

You will need:
2 x chocolate cake mix/chocolate cake ingredients (this is a good'n)
A tub of butter/margerine 
1 kg icing sugar (ok...the first batch of mine did go a bit wrong so maybe try with just 500g first)
Lots and lots of sweets of your choice
1 x bar of chocolate
1 x dowel (I got mine from here)

So, as you have probably guessed step number one is to bake the cakes. This can't usually go very wrong, you want them to be nice and big so I used 2 x the usual chocolate cake ingredients and filled two 6" cake tins. 

Once out of the oven leave to cool and start making your icing. I made butter icing kind of free hand, basically following this recipe but with the addition of vanilla extract. Once fully cooled down (make sure that they really are cool other wise the icing will curdle...I found this out the hard way) layer some icing on top of one of the cakes and place the other cake on top. Then stick your piece of dowel (I think these are traditionally used in gardening?!) right down the centre of the cake. 

After the 'stick' (essentially what it is) is in place, it's time to start decorating. Outline a triangle using sweets from where your stick is and completely fill this triangle with said sweets. Make sure you keep at least one sweet packet spare for placing on top! Once this is done, remove the stick but try and remember/mark on where abouts it came up to on the cake. Now comes the tricky part which took much trial and error to figure out...

Melt your chocolate (I just used milk chocolate) over a bowl of boiling water and cut out a rectangle of foil big enough to wrap around the stick at least a few times. Place your stick on the foil, cover it with the now melted chocolate and cover that chocolate in sweets (definitely not a cake for anybody on a diet)! Make sure all sides of the stick are covered in sweets and then wrap the foil tightly around it. At this point the stick should look something like a corn dog. Place foil-covered, corn-dog shaped, sweet-chocolate stick into the freezer. 

Once the stick has been in the freezer for at least 45 minutes, remove and double check all of the sweets are properly stuck on. If they are, place the stick back into the cake. Then comes another tricky part - making sure you can balance the sweet packet on top. To do this, I used a marshmallow. I popped the marshmallow into the packet opening and made a hole in it to make it more sticky and then used this marshmallow-glue to affix the packet to the top of the stick. If you have enough melted chocolate it might be worth giving it a go with that and placing that in the freezer too. Finally place any left over sweets around the bottom of the cake/on the plate to give the effect that the sweets are being poured.

Phew! All finished! Sorry if you don't understand a word of what I have written...I don't think I have ever typed the word 'stick' so many times in 20 minutes. Also, I'm really sorry I didn't take any photos while I was actually 'creating' the cake but as I say, a lot of trial and error was involved so photos may not have been all that helpful anyway. Let me know if any of you attempt this cake and if yours turns out better than mine! Also a big thanks go out to Emily, Alex and Mandy for helping me make this cake that all turned out well in the end! 

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