Saturday, 11 April 2015

Spring in my Step

 Skirt - ASOS, Jacket - All Saints, Top - ASOS, Shoes - ASOS, Sunglasses - ASOS, Watch - Marc Jacobs (similar), Chain bracelet -Stella & Dot , Bracelet - Warehouse, Bag - Topshop

Ah once again it was sunny yesterday! As you can see I went into all out summer "HALLELUJAH THE SUN IS SHINING" mode which really was a good move, if I do say so myself, as the weather already seems to be taking a turn for the worst/turning back into the usual April weather. 

I bought this skirt from ASOS the other day and was toying with getting the matching top too but decided against it on the realisation that I have no money and shouldn't really even be buying the skirt. I think I'm going to start wearing more midi length skirts, they're comfier than shorter ones and also don't bare the same if-a-gust-of-wind-blows-everyone-will-see-my-knickers dilemma. This cropped vest is also an ASOS purchase (I'm a walking talking ASOS advert it appears at the moment...) and is super flattering. 

My bag is just my standard every day bag from Topshop and is the perfect size to fit all my necessities in plus a bit extra. I blimmin' love my new sunglasses too (I must remind myself I don't have any money...). I've been after a mirrored/flash lens pair for ages and I always find that club master shapes are quite a good shape for my face so low and behold, ASOS had the ideal pair. 

Also, check out my gin & tonic cupcakes! I made these yesterday (must remind myself I have work to be doing) so let me know if you fancy a 'Foodie Friday' post with the recipe!

Are you making the most of the sun? Do you enjoy baking?

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