Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Midi

Skirt - ASOS, Tshirt - ASOS (similar), Shoes - ASOS, Jacket - All Saints 

Yesterday was just a day of revision so a stretchy midi skirt was all I really needed. Comfort = key. I just chucked a t-shirt on with it (which, lets be honest, didn't stay done up for long) and popped my ballet flats on again. Midi skirt + crop top always remind me a bit of Kim K, don't think I quite pull it off as well as her though!

When you are a student or at school this time of the year is always the most frustrating - the weather outside is gorgeous and all you're supposed to be doing is revision! Motivation seems very hard to come by, eh? Particularly when your Instagram feed is full of celebs at Coachella like mine is. Coachella festival is something high up on my bucket list and I would really like to go to at some point in my twenties...but to be fair my Bucket List is very, very long so I'm not sure I will be able to achieve everything on there!

Are you revising for any exams? What's on your Bucket List?