Sunday, 3 May 2015

Busy Busy Busy!

Long Sleeved Top - Primark, Denim Skirt - ASOS, Sandals - ASOS 

So sorry for the long old break, and unfortunately I think an even longer one might be coming up! Got a lotta lotta work on at the moment. Just thought I would share this quick outfit post from a while a go when I was in Marlow (review coming soon (ish) I promise!). I haven't worn a denim skirt since around 2002 but I love this one! It's a lovely stretchy denim so is great for every day, but could be smartened up for an evening out as well. 

My top is from Primark and was an absolute bargain, and my sandals were quite bargainous too if I do say so myself. At £35 they're actually really well made and feel pretty sturdy so I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for a nice heeled pair for summer. 

On another note how blimmin' amazing is the bath and the chairs in this picture? Can't wait until I can have one of these in my own home (if that day ever comes...)! I also want my dream house to feature a mezzanine level...and a pool wouldn't go amiss either...haha

What would your dream home be like?