Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Long Time No See

Dress - Keepsake @ ASOS, Shoes - Office

I know, I know, I'm an awful blogger. It has been over a month since I last posted and I'm really sorry about that - everything (mainly exams etc) just took over my life for a while but now I am back! So anybody who has stuck with me - thank you! And any newbies, welcome! 

Just a quick post today as I had my "Grad Ball" the other day so I thought I would share with you what I wore. Grad Ball itself was great - not technically a ball (it was mainly fair ground rides and live performances by the likes of Example and Shy FX) it was a bit less formal and lots more fun. 

I didn't have much time between the ball itself and the end of exams, so finding a dress was a bit of a rush but I was happy with the end result! This dress is amazing quality and I can't recommend it enough - I have never owned anything by Keepsake before but judging by this dress, I think the brand is a winner. I generally tend to go for simpler designs which this brand seems to cater to - just a shame they are based in Aus! 

I have wanted a pair of shoes like these for quite some time now and I just love them!! I managed to wear them for 8 hours straight and although my feet were killing by the time I took them off, they were fine for the first 6 hours so I would definitely not be afraid to wear them again! However, they look like they already need reheeling which is a bit of a nightmare - so perhaps a pair like these would be better if reheeling is going to be an issue as they are a bit cheaper. 

I have a few more posts coming up this week, so stay tuned! I am also off on holiday soon so should have a couple more then as well! Thanks for reading guys - do any of you have any balls or proms coming up soon? What kind of dress will you be after?