Saturday, 11 July 2015

Graduation Day #1

Me: Dress - ASOS (similarish and another lace-up number), Shoes - New Look (similar and similar)
Owen: Suit - Next, Shoes - Next

Whoops! I forgot to take any actual outfit photos but Thursday was all about Owen and not about what random attire I decided on for the day, so you will have to let me off. This is because (as I'm sure you've worked out already from my cryptic clues in the title and from the photo) yesterday was Owen's graduation! He isn't just a pretty face y'know.

It was a lovely day, really warm and really great to see everyone looking so happy. England does have the tendency to be a bit grumpy, so big events like this just remind me that the British actually can smile! It was great to celebrate everyones hard work and just shows that with a bit of effort you can achieve anything. Pep talk over.

I have my graduation coming up next week and am still not entirely sure what to wear! If anybody has any suggestions then please leave them down below!! Congratulations, again, Owen!

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