Thursday, 23 July 2015

Italy: A few Pics #1

Hat - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop (black version here), Jeans - Missguided, Shirt - Topshop 

'Ello! Just a quick, rather picture heavy catch up post! I'm currently on vacay (lol) in the very, very south of Italy (the Puglian region if any of you know it!) where the temperature is averaging around 32 degrees Celsius every day so I have no complaints and for once in my life am actually building up a rather respectable tan, if I do say so myself. Anyway, heres a little snippet of my holiday - I've inserted outfit links as much as possible too, aren't I good!?

First stop on arrival, lunch (of course). We opted for a four person catch of the day fish (I think it could be something like red mullet but most likely am wrong) served with Puglian pasta. It were fab.
We can't get enough of this light. It's bigger than it looks and it looks amaziiiing at night (see later pic)
Top - Missguided, Trousers - ASOS(bargain) 
Just the basic holiday essentials
Jumpsuit - ASOS (similar
Top - ljc designs 
Why only put Christmas lights up at Christmas, eh?
Told ya the light was good, didn't I?
My mum, pretending to be a pro fisherman. 
Owen, ditto. 
Bikini - Missguided, Playsuit - ASOS (similar
Myself, the actual pro fisherman. I think it is safe to say we didn't go hungry that night with this whopper... 
Last but not least, a picture of an ice cream that 2 seconds later ended up face down in the floor. I probably shouldn't have taken so long taking this fantastic photo...

Until next time!

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  1. It looks like your having an amazing time, I would love to travel around Italy! <3