Thursday, 30 July 2015

Nelly The Elephant

Jacket - Fat Face*, Top - ASOS, Shorts - Fat Face*, Shoes - Topshop 

Ciao! Here I am, still in Italy, still thinking I have a better tan than I do, still squinting like nobodies business and still eating and drinking much more than is recommended. Today I thought I would show you a lovely little two piece from Fat Face. I haven't shopped at Fat Face for a very long time, actually not since it was my Dad's favourite shop (Hi Dad!!) but on browsing their website the other day (check out their new arrivals here!) I found they actually had some really great stuff, especially for summer. This elephant print two piece jumped out at me immediately, and although it is really too hot for a jacket in Italy (32 degrees when these photos were taken at 7:30 PM...don't make me leave!) I think they look great together so threw it over my shoulders anyway.

I'm flying back home on Saturday (nooo!) and moving straight down to London to start my new job so it is all a bit go! go! go! here. I will try and keep updating the blog as often as possible, and should have another photo diary coming up soon as well so stay tuned! Hope you're all enjoying your summer!

*This post was in collaboration with Fat Face. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Elephants are my favorite. :) You look great! Glad that you had a good vacation. Good luck with the new job!