Sunday, 13 December 2015

Welcome Back!

Hello der! How are you all? Are you in full festive spirit yet?

Firstly, sorry for the long, unannounced absence. I recently moved house, city and jobs all in one go so it's all been a bit go go go and I have barely had time to think but I recently realised I really missed blogging so have decided to give it another go. I often find myself wondering where everybody has bought their outfits from and this nosiness has spurred me on to let you know where I've got mine (incase any of you are interested!).

So, the new (trial) blogging timetable is going to be a Sunday post with links to all items of clothing (& any exciting bits of make up) that I have worn that week (well, all the outfits I have photographed, because I am sure you don't want to know where I got my old PJ top and tracky bottoms from on a lazy day (ok, doesn't even have to be that much of a lazy day!)). I am also hoping to do a midweek post every week with a bit of a 'wish list' of items I have been lusting after, so stay tuned for that!

You will notice a bit of a theme with the outfits - basically ASOS is my go-to shop for everything (it's just so easy (and also, it is my place of work)) but I do buy things from other places too, promise! Also there are a few toilet selfies in there, as willing and great as my boyfriend (and Instagram husband - see explanation video here) is - the sun is currently not up when I leave for work and is down when I get home *sob cry sob* so without asking strangers for outfit pictures this is my current solution.

Anyway, onto the outfits...  


Scarf - ASOS, Coat - ASOS(currently discounted!), Jeans - ASOS (similar here), Trainers - Converse

Hat - ASOS, Lipstick - Topshop, Lipliner - High Energy from Mac, Top - ASOS (i love this similar-ish one from Free people), Jeans - as above, Boots - River Island (similar here

Scarf - ASOS, Coat - as above, Jeans - ASOS, Boots - ASOS

Jacket - Topshop, T-shirt - Levis, iPhone case - ASOS, Lipliner - Vino from Mac, Lipstick - Glastonberry from Charlotte Tilburyeverything else as above!

Dress - ASOS, Rucksack - Mango, Boots - Next (similar here)

And that is everything my friends! Please let me know how you liked this post, and any suggestions you have for improvements! Thanks for reading and if you want to keep up to date with the blog then you can either follow me on Bloglovin' or enter your email address in the little box to the right (I promise I won't spam you!)

B x